SQ6 Kaskad – 2 smaker


The JM Posner SQ6 Cascading Dual Chocolate Fountain is truly breathtaking. The largest fountain of its kind standing at an impressive 1.40 metres tall. This fountain will not go unmissed!

With such a large capacity the SQ6 can cater for up to 1500 people ensuring everyone at your event gets plenty of whatever is on offer.

Our SQ6 Cascading chocolate fountain also allows you to add a bit more creativity to dessert by offering clients an opportunity to explore the contrasts and complementary flavours that really enhance the character of all food. Offer dark chocolate and milk chocolate at once, or milk chocolate and white chocolate. Or specially flavour or colour one alternative and leave the other for a more purist experience!


Make it the show stopping centrepiece of major events where up to 1500 guests can delight in the experience of viewing and eating from it.

Direct drive motor – no risk of belts breaking or slipping in mid-event.

Peace of mind through our comprehensive warranty and full CE approval.

Capacity : minimum 10kg per side (total 20 kg) , maximum 15kg per side (total 30 kg).


Total height: 1400 mm

Height of top section: 1013 mm

Width of drum: 530 mm

Height of drum: 387 mm

Width of basin: 790 mm

Weight: 61 kg

Electrical: 110 / 230V | 60 / 50Hz | 850W